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Another shelling of central Donetsk by Russian troops

Russian troops continue provocative shelling of Donetsk, which they themselves occupy. One of the most modern planetariums built for Euro 2012 was damaged during the night.


The Russian Federation continues shelling Ukrainian cities. Russian-occupied Donetsk is also under fire from artillery of various calibres. The occupiers are shelling the city at any time of the day or night, at maximum concentrations of people, in order to blame the Ukrainian military for the shelling. A large number of Russian citizens are falling for the cheap ploy, but even the most pro-Russian residents of Donetsk are already aware of who is firing. Eyewitnesses and video recordings of the sound of shelling in the city indicate a shot, 1-2 seconds of projectile flight (characteristic whistling) and an explosion. Even theoretically, fire from the Ukrainian armed forces is impossible due to the remoteness of Ukrainian positions from the city. The planetarium, located in the central part of the city, sustained damage to the façade. It is worth noting that all the Russian occupants could do was change the signage on the building (from Ukrainian to Russian). The building itself was built during Donetsk's preparation for the European Football Championship - Euro 2012. To break is not to build. With such thoughts and such theory the Russian occupants destroy the civil infrastructure of the city they occupy. 


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