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Anton Krasovsky

Russian public figure, journalist, Putinist propagandist, publicist and political strategist. His statement on television that Ukrainian children should be killed for nationalism caused a particular stir.



Anton Vyacheslavovich Kuznetsov-Krasovsky was born on 18 July 1975 in Podolsk, Moscow Region. His father worked as a representative of the design bureau at nuclear power plants in the Ukrainian SSR, in particular, at the Rivne NPP, in Kuznetsovsk (since 2016 - Varash). Anton lived there from 1986 to 1989, and later studied at Dubrovytsia school. In 1992, he graduated from school No. 633 in Moscow.

Since 1994, he studied at the Gorky Literary Institute, at the poetry seminar of Tatiana Bek and S. I. Chuprinin. Since 1995, he has been working with the Nezavisimaya Gazeta and the Voprosy Litteratury magazine.

In December 2017, he announced that he had been HIV-positive since 2011. He is an open homosexual. He lives and works in Moscow.

In February 2022, the EU imposed personal sanctions against him in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

In June 2022, Anton announced that he had donated a litre of blood to support the Russian occupiers, and that he had been HIV-positive since 2011.


He believes that Putinism is a logical continuation of Yeltsinism, and that the emergence of freedoms was a positive development in the Yeltsin era, and, listing the negative aspects of the same period, he mentions the 1993 shooting of the parliament and the unfair elections of 1996. He considers the murders of Nemtsov and Estemirova to be the result of the Chechen wars unleashed under Yeltsin.

On 28 December 2011, during the Russian presidential election campaign, Krasovsky headed the campaign headquarters of candidate Mikhail Prokhorov.

On 25 January 2013, after the broadcast of the programme "Angry Guyzzz" on Kontr TV, which discussed the law banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors, Krasovsky made a public statement about his homosexual orientation. On air, he said: "I am gay, and at the same time I am the same person as you, my dear viewers, as President Putin, as Prime Minister Medvedev, as members of the State Duma". The recording of the programme was not uploaded to the channel's website or YouTube page. On the night of 25 January, the journalist's corporate accounts, mail and programmes were removed from the channel's website.

In mid-April 2014, Krasovsky spent three days with Ksenia Sobchak in the 'occupied territories of the Russian Federation' in Crimea. In an interview with Nikolai Solodnikov five years later, when asked about Crimea's affiliation, he replied that he considered the peninsula to be Russian territory. He has repeatedly voiced this position in his author's programme Antonyms.

In April 2021, he announced his desire to imprison anti-Putin protesters or "throw them into the Moika" on behalf of the authorities, accusing the FBC and its supporters of extremism and expressing his sincere support for their "imprisonment" for five years.

In January 2022, during a discussion of Ukraine's possible accession to NATO, he threatened to invade Ukraine and burn Ukrainians on Khreshchatyk along with the Constitution, which sets out a course towards NATO.

2In October 2022, he publicly called for Ukrainian children to be drowned in a river and burned. After that, according to a statement by RT's management, he was suspended from the channel's staff.


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