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Denis Quebec

After the war in eastern Ukraine began in 2014, Denis Quebec volunteered for the ATO. In 2017, the soldier lost part of his palm as a result of a shrapnel hit during a combat mission. After treatment and rehabilitation, Denis became an instructor.


He gave an interview to Ukrainian presenter Masha Yefrosynina, in which she decided to find out why he volunteered for the ATO at the age of 18 and then went to Afghanistan.

Quebec admitted that military service is a drag, and added that he no longer sees his life outside the war.

"War is addictive. You give yourself completely to it and live it. You still remain a part of the war forever. For me, a person who consciously went to war at the age of 18, and take two more years before that, how long I studied airsoft and all these tactics, and even then I lived this rhythm... Today it is 10 years. What am I supposed to do after that? It's hard," he admitted.

Quebec also explained why people should not brag about luxurious celebrations and parties on social media during a major war. He reminded that this can psychologically depress Ukrainian defenders who risk their lives to protect Ukraine from Russian occupiers.

"We need to find a balance. And not to ignore the fact that there is a war going on. For example, someone throws a grand party and posts it on Instagram. They are trying to seem so cool. This is wrong, because you are publicly showing how cool you are celebrating, and the guys at the front have access to the Internet, and this can greatly affect morale. At the same time, no one forbids celebrating holidays at home. But there is no need to demonstrate this in public and show your coolness. Coolness should be shown in war when it is necessary," said Quebec.

The soldier also said he was confident in Ukraine's victory.

"We have no other option. This war has been going on for more than one year, and not eight years... This war has been going on for hundreds of years... We remember our history. We remember the many tragedies that happened to our country. So we no longer have a choice. The issue has become such that all this great black force of evil is coming at us. So this issue has been going on for a long time, and I'm just confident that we will win because we have no other option. And no matter how you slice it, we are on the side of light," he said.

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