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Military support for Ukraine from its main ally, the United States

The United States of America serves as Ukraine's main ally in the fight against the Russian occupation. Among the rest of the world, the United States is the leader in the field of arms supply. 


To your attention we offer a selection of photos of military equipment of the United States of America. All military equipment shows excellent performance on the battlefield. There is a high level of mutual understanding between the top leadership of the US and Ukraine, which is why Ukraine receives only the weapons it needs. According to the law of military secrets, an undisclosed number of the items listed below are already participating in the defense of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 
The 155mm M777 howitzer is a US large calibre howitzer. It is equipped with an electronic guidance system and has a range of over 40 km. It is also an accurate gun, the probable deviation of the missile is no more than 10 meters.
HMMWV cargo van - aka Humvee. It has a high cross-country ability and is used for transportation purposes. Different kinds of weapons can be installed: from machine guns to anti-tank guided missiles.
The International MaxxPro armored personnel carrier is a replacement of the Humvee. It can be used for transportation as well as in combat.
M113 tracked armoured personnel carrier - serves as a complement to the domestic APC. Once the most widely used armoured vehicle in the world, it has been involved in many conflicts.
The M142 HIMARS is one of Ukraine's most effective weapons of war. It is a system that instills fear in the Russian occupier. Due to the inability to counter this weapon, Russian troops are losing arms depots and personnel in the occupied territories almost every day. A modern MLRS with a huge number of ammunition, up to and including missiles with a range of more than 300 km.  
The M270 is a tracked HIMARS which has two rocket launchers, unlike the M142 which has one. It has satellite guidance, high cross-country capability, hit deviation less than 3 meters. One of the best weapons and means of warfare of the 21st century.
MI-17 helicopter is a modification of Soviet Mi-8. It is equipped with heavy armament and guided missiles. It can also be used for landing troops. 
Tactical warhead SWITCHBLADE - it carries a warhead, is a remotely-operated weapon, and can be used for engagements of both manpower (modification 300) and armored vehicles (modification 600). 

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