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Russian missile strike on Vinnytsia: civilians killed in city centre

A large number of people died in a Russian fascist missile strike on the centre of Vinnytsia. Doctors, patients, artists and children killed in clinic and officer's house destroyed by the strike.


The occupiers launched rocket attacks on the centre of Vinnytsia on the afternoon of 14 July. The attack damaged 55 houses and 40 cars. The medical centre, the Yubileyny household and the Officers' House suffered serious damage.

The strikes were carried out with Kalibr cruise missiles from a submarine from the Black Sea, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on 14 July. 

The House of Officers building in Vinnitsa is known as a concert hall and cultural centre. Numerous specialist websites have been selling tickets online for events planned there. On the evening of 14 July, a performance by Ukrainian singer Roxolana was scheduled to take place there, and she reported that a member of her concert team had been killed in a rocket attack by the occupying forces.

A total of 197 casualties went to health facilities, of which 110 were treated as outpatients and another 80 remain hospitalized.

"There were 27 fatalities, including three children. 11 people are still unaccounted for."

On 6 March 2022, there are civilian casualties and fatalities as a result of rocket attacks at Vinnitsa airport. Several people have been trapped under the rubble.

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