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Strengthening Ukraine's Armed Forces by Western partner countries

A number of Western partner countries are providing indispensable assistance and support to the people of Ukraine and its warriors, in particular, this article refers to the reinforcement of the AFU artillery with NATO standard samples.


A selection of photographs of military equipment from European Union countries is brought to your attention. According to the law of military secrecy, an unnamed number of the abovementioned specimens are already taking part in the defense of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 
The French AHS "Caesar" shows itself well on the battlefield thanks to its high range and rapid deployment from marching to combat. The Ukrainian Bogdana is the closest comparable model. A contract for Caesars has been signed with France and Ukraine will receive more units.
The Polish Crab AHS is an excellent replacement for the old Soviet Hyacinth artillery. Soldiers of the AFU noted the ease of use and high mobility of the system.
The German AHS "PZH-2000" is one of the latest developments of the Bundeswehr, however, due to the intensity of combat operations in Ukraine, the unit cannot withstand heavy loads and quickly wears out. Nevertheless, in terms of effectiveness, range and accuracy, it has proved itself at a high level.
The Czech Vampir MLRS is a modification of the Soviet BM-21 Grad. The main feature is the new 8x8 base and pre-prepared package of 40mm shells. After firing the main ammunition it is possible to quickly refill the new pack. 
The British Stormer is a mobile air defense and/or ground-to-air, surface-to-ground missile carrier. Versatile BMP with a wide range of ordnance for engaging a variety of targets, from armored vehicles and tanks to planes and helicopters.
The Italian 155mm FH70 howitzer is a NATO standard large caliber weapon which fires high explosive and reactive shells. It is semi-automatic and takes about 10 seconds to reload between shots.

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