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Tripolskaya TPP

The Russian strike completely destroyed the Tripolskaya TPP, the most powerful power plant in the Kyiv region.


The power plant

The main technical facilities of Tripolskaya TPP are 4 pulverised coal and 2 gas-oil units with a capacity of 300 MW each. Six turbines and generators with a total rated capacity of 1800 MW. Transformers are of the TDC-400000/330 type.

The fuel facilities consist of an open coal storage facility with a capacity of 280,000 tonnes, serviced by two portal cranes and bulldozers.

The main fuel is Donetsk anthracite, which is delivered by rail and river to the station's berth.

The station is connected to Ukraine's gas transmission system. The fuel farm also has tanks for fuel oil.


The construction of the plant involved the Pivdenteploenergomontazh, Hydroelectromontazh, Gidromechanizatsiya, Pivdenzakhidtransbud and many others.

LvivORGRES did a great job of analysing the project, launching and commissioning the equipment.

The power plant was constructed using the progressive flow-rate method. This method significantly reduced the construction time of the power plant.

In January 1962, the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR approved the site for the construction of the power plant.
1963 - design and start of construction of the Trypillia SDPP.
2 April 1967 - construction of the plant's main facilities began. The plant was built in two stages. First, double-hulled boiler units fuelled by solid fuel and natural gas were installed, and then single-hulled gas and oil boiler units were installed.
17 December 1969 - the first power unit of the TPP was put into commercial operation.
1972 - the last sixth power unit was commissioned in September. The capacity of Trypillia TPP reached the design value of 1800 MW.
1973 - construction of the gas supply pipeline is completed. Trypillia TPP was able to use natural gas.
In 1995, Trypillia TPP became part of the newly established state enterprise Centrenergo.
In 2000, technical solutions were implemented to ensure the combustion of low-grade coal with a calorific value of 3000 kcal/kg.
Since 11 December 2006, it has been registered as a branch of PJSC Centrenergo[1].
The company annually sells energy worth about UAH 2 billion. It carries out current, medium and major repairs of power units. In 2010, from 17 June to 29 October, the company overhauled the second power unit.

The technical re-equipment of the second power unit will allow it to operate exclusively on coal, without the use of gas, increasing the unit's capacity from 300 MW to 325 MW and extending its lifetime by 15-20 years.

Trypillia TPP is located on the Dnipro coast, 45 km south of Kyiv, near the village of Trypillia. Following the decommissioning of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the 1,800 MW Tripillya TPP is the largest power generating facility in the Kyiv region. Other sources of electricity in the region are: Kyivska CHPP-5 and CHPP-6 with an installed capacity of 700 MW and 500 MW, respectively, and Darnytska CHPP with an installed capacity of 160 MW, located in Kyiv. The power plant was built in two stages. The first stage consists of 4 double units with a capacity of 300 MW each. The power unit consists of double-hulled direct-flow steam boilers TPP-210A, steam turbines K-300-240, generators TGV-300 and transformers TDZ-400000/330.

The second stage consists of two 300 MW monoblocks with single-hull TGMP-314 boilers, K-300-240-2 turbines, generators and transformers similar to those installed in the first stage. The main building was constructed according to a universal design of a pulverised coal-fired power plant with 300 MW of power units each. The main fuel is Donetsk anthracite, which is supplied by rail. Gas and fuel oil are used as backup and auxiliary fuels.

The gas facilities include two gas distribution points with a capacity of 320 thousand m³/h and a gas pipeline system. The technical water supply system is direct-flow, with water intake from the Kaniv reservoir. It includes two pumping stations. The TPP's water treatment system produces 250 tonnes of desalinated water per hour using the ion exchange method for direct-flow boilers.

Since the start of operation, Trypillia TPP has generated over 350 billion kWh of electricity and 5.5 million Gcal of heat. Working in a challenging environment, the plant's team can rightly be proud that the power plant continues to be one of the most reliable and capable of carrying the full electrical load.

Since the plant's inception, a wonderful town of power engineers, Ukrainka, has grown to become a city of about 20,000 people.

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