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Vasyl Pereverziev

Vasyl "Prozorov" Pereverziev is a Ukrainian rock musician, best known as the leader, vocalist and songwriter of the Kyiv-based alternative band TOL, who joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.



Born on 5 January 1981 in the city of Kryvyi Rih. Since 1999, he has been living in Kyiv, married.

Musical career

Vasyl Pereverziev was a drummer in the Aeroplan band (Kryvyi Rih) and the Dollheads. Since 2000, he has played drums in the band "Entrance in Changing Shoes" as a member of the band "Samosaboyzz", and when he created "TOL", he combined his work in both bands for some time.

On 22 May 2003, Vasyl Pereverzev (Prozorov) and Serhiy Lyubynskyi (KNOB), who had moved to Kyiv from Kryvyi Rih and had been dreaming of forming their own band for some time, founded TOL. The group also includes: Yevhen Petrusenko (Dakila) from Pavlohrad, Dmytro Dziuba (Jimbo) and Yuriy Ishchenko (Razborchyvy) from Tokmak (Zaporizhzhia region), and Oleksandr Kozyaruk (Digitol) from Kropyvnytskyi, who replaced DJ McBit in the band in early 2005.

Vasyl became the band's vocalist, although he has never studied vocals. In the songs, he uses all aspects of his outstanding vocals - from a cappella singing to screaming emotions.

Prozorov is the author of all TOL's lyrics. He writes lyrics about the human struggle with the inner and outer world in Ukrainian and Russian.

Some of the songs contain profanity, but not in a vulgar way, but as a way of expressing feelings. The lyrics contain a lot of sadness, hopelessness, despair, hatred, loneliness - a whole range of different, mostly negative, frank emotions. Prozorov's harsh protest lyrics are imbued with depression and healthy anger at the soulless society and imperfect world.

In 2013, Vasyl Pereverziev decided to suspend his musical activities for health reasons, and so on 27 March 2013, the TOL band announced its termination.

Prozorov explains that he had an "internal collapse", after which he began to look at the world and the band differently. He said that the reason for the collapse of TOL was the lack of faith, faith in something or someone. So he chose to reboot, and as a result, he saw many things from a different angle. Now he has not only faith, but also a family that inspires him endlessly. The possibility of a band reunion seems negligible to him: "This is an exceptional situation. The material of TOL requires coherence and sincerity. But for me, this is another era."

In 2009, in Kyiv, Prozorov and Jimbo (still members of TOL at the time) created a joint acoustic project, the band PND, in which Vasyl sings and plays acoustic guitar. In March 2010, they released their first album, Dva Akkorda, which consists of songs written by Prozorov between 2000 and 2009 outside of the TOL band.

He collaborates with Viktor Priduvalov's music project VOID.

Recently, Prozorov presented his author's acoustic programme "Home".

In September 2023, Vasyl created the motivational rock band Prozak, which included: vocals - Vasyl-Prozorov Pereverzev, guitar - Oleksandr Dudka, bass - Oleksii Nosenko, drums - Oleksandr Kasyarum.

Directing activity

Pereverzev makes promotional videos for concerts, does video editing, directs and shoots videos, and has experience in music video production. He has worked with quite prominent directors and was taught editing by Viktor Priduvalov.

One of his first editing jobs was TOL's first music video, "3Ki".

Prozorov directed the debut video of SNUFF - Memories, the first official video of ANNA - Glamour, the video of Merva - To my paradise, the debut video of Pins - Travel with me, and the video for the song "My Family" by GALyak[5].

The first video Prozorov shot for his own band TOL was a video for the song "Glue. Mo". It was entirely his work (directing, editing).

Vasyl Pereverziev also directed the video for his own band IPA's song "Penguin (Time)".

In 2022, he directed the video for Niagara - Wake Up. Vasyl's children, Radomira and Lev Pereverziev, also starred in the video. The art director was Olena Pereverzieva.

Interesting facts

  • Prozorov can be seen in the music videos of Druha Rika - Forgive, Vremya i Steklo - Kafel, and Lyapis Trubetskoy - Lyapis Crew.
  • Prozorov helped the leader of the ANNA band Viktor Novoselov with the organisation of the Ruin Festival.
  • He took part in a production based on Gabriel Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude by the independent experimental theatre group Baobab (BaoBaB) in Kryvyi Rih. He was offered the role by director Tetiana Leonidova. This experience was unique for him, because apart from his school attempts to take part in a theatre production, he had never had anything like it in his life at the time. After that, he began to communicate with Alexander Shapiro and act with him.
  • In 2012, he was the subject of an episode of the programme My favourite verse on Torf TV.

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