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Yurko Yurchenko

Yurko Yurchenko (real name - Yuriy Volodymyrovych Nechystiak; * 24 November 1972, Maidan-Oleksandrivskyi, Vinkovets district, Khmelnytskyi region) is a Ukrainian singer, composer, and leader of the band Yurkesh. Honoured Artist of Ukraine (2009). 


He has been playing music since the age of 5.

Since 1979, Yuriy has been the vocalist and ionist (keyboard instruments) of the band Mriyany. The group even participated in the "Sunny Clarinets" (a popular TV programme on UT-1 in the 80s).

In 1987-1989, he studied at the Bar Pedagogical College, where he created the first rock band "Impulse". In 1989, Yurii left the pedagogical school of his own free will and after graduating from a secondary school as an external student entered the Vinnytsia State Pedagogical Institute. While studying in Vinnytsia, Yurii founded the rock band Nechysta Sila.

In 1995, Yuriy Nechystiak became a laureate of the All-Ukrainian and International festivals Chervona Ruta, Ivasyuk International Competition for Young Performers, Zolotyi Tik, and Pani + Pan.

1996 - at the Sea of Friends festival in Yalta, Yuriy met the head of the Territory A art agency, poet Oleksandr Bryhynets, and the Yurko Yurchenko project began. Thoughtful advertising, when each new song was supported by a video clip ("I'm Going", "Let Go", "This is Our Love", "In the Desert of Wild Dreams", "Angelica", "Song about Kyiv"), plus official recognition in competitions (first place in "Pearls of the Season - 96") made him the most popular singer in Ukraine among teenagers.

In 1997, at the Tavriya Games festival, Yurchenko won the Golden Firebird award in the category "Discovery of the Year". At the end of the summer, he released his first and only cassette album, I'm Going.

A change in his image, repertoire, and a return to the style more characteristic of him before he became Yurchenko, led to a long delay in the recording of his second album, The Night Continues, which was scheduled for release in the summer of 1998. Relations with Territory A did not work out. And in 1999-2000, as Yuriy, he started working with Alexander Ponomarev's production agency From Morning to Night. At this time, the maxi-single "Until the next spring" was released, as well as the video of the same name for the same song. Later, he moved to Moscow, where he performed in city clubs for a long time, worked as a composer and arranger.

2000-2004 - a creative break. As Yurii jokes, after winning the title of "Opening of the Year '97" at the Tavrian Games festival, he also received the title of "Closing of the Year '2000". In 2000, he also completed his postgraduate studies at KNUKIM.

At his own request, he refused to use the image and repertoire of Yurko Yurchenko and after returning from Moscow in late 2004, he created and led the band Yurkesh, which performs music in the style of "intellectual punk rock with elements of humour and satire".

The band's first performance was as part of the All-Ukrainian qualifying competition for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 on UT1.

Yuriy's songs have been performed by Philip Kirkorov, the Neangeli band, Andriy Danylko, Lolita, Olga Yunakova, Marina Odolska, Maria Yaremchuk, Vitaliy and Svitlana Bilonozhko, Andriy Kniaz and Katya Boyko.

In 2013, the song "I", lyrics and music by Yuriy Yurchenko, performed by Russian singer Lolita, received a diploma of the prestigious Golden Gramophone Award (Russia) and the Song of the Year TV Festival (Russia). In 2014, due to the outbreak of war, Yurii completely gave up touring.

"I confess that I had many invitations from Russia as well. I didn't accept any of them. And not because I'm a cool kid, but because I simply couldn't sing during the war," Yurii said in an interview.

The singer has repeatedly visited Ukrainian soldiers in the ATO zone to support their morale.

In 2016, in honour of the 20th anniversary of his career, he released a single and a video of the same name, 100 Seconds of Spring.

Two songs "Monster Song" and "I love you" were written by Yuriy especially for the show "House of Mysterious Adventures", which took place in Kyiv.

In 2017, he took part in the X-Factor project as a member of the band "Yurcash" and took second place.

In 2018, he started working with the band Skryabin. Yurii is currently performing with the band and planning a tour of Ukraine. Due to quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus disease and the inability to perform in 2020-2021, he worked as a taxi driver.

He is married and has three children.

In 2022, Yurko "Yurkesh" Yurchenko fought against the Russian invaders in the Carpathian Sich volunteer battalion. In the war, in addition to weapons, he carries a guitar. This is how the singer raises the morale of the soldiers.


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