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Azovstal paramedic Asan Isenadzhiyev

A military medic from Azovstal, Crimean Tatar Asan Isenadzhiyev, was released from captivity on 31 December 2022. On that day, 140 defenders of Ukraine returned to Ukraine.


Slightly less than three weeks after his release from Russian captivity, Asan Isenadzhiev reached out to Ukrainians on social media. He published his first Instagram post after posting back in early May in the dungeons of Azovstal.

He shared that this New Year was indeed a holiday for him and was not only the beginning of a new year, but also a new life. And he thanked everyone who had made an effort to free the prisoners.
"Thank you! I am happy to be able to hug my loved ones. For 83 days of defence and 227 days of captivity I have dreamed and seen this day. Incredibly many messages and phone calls with words of gratitude, incredibly much support and help. I can't physically reply to everyone, there are really a lot of messages. The country has changed. People have become united, where everyone helps each other regardless of social status, be it singer, TV presenter, blogger, athlete, model, teacher, bank owner, doctor, cook. You are incredible! That's the way it is now, that's the way it should always be, regardless of war status," he wrote.

He added that he was very worried about his brothers-in-law and ambassadors who were with him in Mariupol and Azovstal and who are still in captivity. And with regret, he recalled that every day Ukraine loses its sons and daughters on the front lines and in the cities to the carnage wrought by the aggressor.

"It pains me that my brothers-in-law and ambassadors who were with me in Mariupol and Azovstal meet every day in captivity. I sympathise with every mother, father, wife, child who lost their sons, men, parents in this bloodbath. Over 700 defenders are still in captivity, and we have to make efforts to get them out of there, then there will really be happiness from coming home in full force. Every day our country loses sons and daughters, on the front line and in cities hundreds of kilometres from the front line. We have not yet recovered from the terrorist attack in Dnieper, as tragedy struck in Brovary. Every day our country loses future doctors and teachers, architects and IT specialists, farmers and lawyers," he added.

Asan also said that he has everything he needs for rehabilitation. And asked for all the help someone might want to give to him, shell victims or guys on the front lines.

"I have everything I need for rehabilitation, I am grateful to the foster care service, thanks to the doctors and nurses and volunteers who take care of us. If you want to donate, bring or send something, I beg you - it's better to send it to the victims of shelling and just the guys on the front line. It's much more important to them, they need it much more. I hope for understanding. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the fallen heroes! Glory! Glory!

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