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Putin's 2023 address or the thoughts of a mad dictator

On 21 February 2023, dictator Putin delivered his address, mostly related to the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. Briefly: no victories in the so-called "military operation", Putin's whining and empty threats are. 


Quotes from a mentally ill dictator:

▪️ "The 'special operation' began to protect the Russian Federation and to eliminate the Nazi threat.

▪️ We will step by step carefully and consistently address the tasks before us in the process of the special military operation.

▪️ Russia has been doing its best to solve the problems of Donbass by peaceful means.

▪️ We also remember the efforts of the "Kiev regime" to acquire nuclear weapons.

▪️ It turns out that all the time Donbass was ablaze, the West was playing "red cards".

▪️ By February 22, everything was ready for another punitive action by Kiev.

▪️ We are defending our homeland, and the West's goal is unlimited power. It has already spent over $150 billion to arm Kiev.

▪️ Ukraine's next target was to hit Crimea and Sevastopol. Kiev is now openly talking about it.

▪️ We all well remember pictures of air strikes on Donetsk.

▪️ In the 30's the West opened the way for the Nazis to take power in Germany, today they are making an anti-Russia out of Ukraine.

▪️ We are not at war with the people of Ukraine, they have become hostages of the Kiev regime and Western masters who have occupied this country.

▪️ Responsibility for the escalation of the conflict lies entirely with the Western elites and the Kiev regime, for whom the Ukrainian people are strangers.

▪️ The Ukraine project began nurturing back in the 19th century, back in Austria-Hungary, to tear away historical lands from Russia, all over again.

▪️ Defeating Russia on the battlefield is impossible.

▪️ The West declares perversion, including paedophilia, the norm of life. 

▪️ We will never be like the witch-hunting regime in Kiev.

▪️ We have an obligation to protect our children from degradation and degeneration and we will do so.

▪️ Our citizens showed real patriotism when the military operation began.

▪️ The Sea of Azov is once again Russia's inland sea.

▪️ The goal of the West is to make Russians suffer, such "humanists".

▪️ The West has turned an economic front against us, but has not and will not achieve anything anywhere

▪️ We will do everything to win. The level of equipment of nuclear deterrence forces is over 91%.

▪️ The initiators of sanctions have triggered price increases, job losses, business closures and an energy crisis in their own countries.

▪️ We will actively introduce technologies that increase the combat readiness of the army and navy, such technologies exist, the rate of their production and introduction is increasing.

▪️ Russia suspends its participation in strategic offensive arms treaty.

▪️ Russia is ready to resume nuclear weapons testing. 


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