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Putin's lies are a methodology for the genocide of Ukrainians

Putin is concocting a Nazi fake history of Ukraine and believes that Lenin created Ukraine. This article will refute this nonsense and some of Putin's fakes.


On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially started a war in Ukraine, calling it a "military operation". Prior to that he had been terrorising Ukraine for eight years and denying his involvement with lies.

Putin called denazification one of the goals of the "military operation". Studying his further statements and fakes it became clear that Putin's denazification of Ukraine is genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Putin is constantly making fakes and lies about Ukraine for his electorate. We have tried to counter Putin's fakes, with historical documentary images:

Putin's fake: Ukraine never existed in the first place. "Not only children, but even adults many, apparently, do not know that Ukraine never had its own statehood before the formation of the Soviet Union. There was no such state," Putin said.
Historical fact: General map of Ukraine by French cartographer Guillaume Levasseur de Beauplan in 1648. In 1651, the first edition of the book "Description of Ukraine".  Ukrainian Cossacks, a peculiar military-political formation, the oldest known written mention of which dates back to 1489-1492, and the Ukrainian Cossack State, which emerged as a result of the National Liberation War led by Bogdan Khmelnitsky in the mid-17th century. 

Putin's fake: Ukraine was created by Lenin. Back in July 2021, in his article "On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians", President Putin tried to convince readers that Ukraine as a state had never existed. They say that all its land and people who inhabited this territory were "primordially Russian".
Historical fact: Ukrainian statehood reaches back to the times of Kievan Rus. Yuri Dolgorukiy, who founded Muscovy, was a Kiev prince. And at the time when the Russian capital was just beginning to be built (12th century), ancient Kiev was already a developed city with temples, buildings and active trade. Therefore, to say that Kiev and Ukraine originated from Russia is illogical, to say the least.
During the reign of Bohdan Khmelnitsky the National Liberation War and successive victories of the Cossacks and Tatars led to the Treaty of Zborovski in 1649. The treaty consolidated the emergence of Cossack autonomy and the use of the name Ukraine. For example, Peter the Great was born in 1672. The Russian Empire was the state that existed from 22 October 1721 until the February Revolution and the proclamation of a republic in September 1917 by the Provisional Government.
In the early 20th century, the Russian Empire and Austria-Hungary dissolved. This gave Ukrainians both in the western territories and in territories under Russian control the opportunity to reestablish their state. The states of the UNR (Ukrainian People's Republic) and ZUNR (Western Ukrainian People's Republic) then emerged. The act of joining the UNR and ZUNR took place on January 22, 1919.

Putin's fake: Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine. "Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine for some reason. Why should he have given such generous gifts that even the most ardent nationalists couldn't dream of. The events of the Soviet past cannot be changed, but we have to be blunt about it," Putin said.
Historical fact: The formal starting point is January 25, 1954. On that day, the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee (as the Politburo was called in those days) met in Moscow. The meeting approved the draft decree, which was soon to be issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The title: "On the Transfer of the Crimean Region from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR".
The transfer of the peninsula did not even mention the 300th anniversary of the Pereiaslav Rada or the strengthening of the friendship between the Ukraine and Russia (all those myths were invented later).
The matter concerned quite pragmatic things: "Given the territorial attraction of the Crimea region to the Ukrainian SSR, the commonality of economy and close economic and cultural relations between the Crimea region and the Ukrainian SSR. Clear and concise. It is also interesting to see maps of what Ukraine was in 1918 ("General map of Ukraine" by M. Diachyshyn of 1918) and what it became in 1954 after the transfer of the Crimea.

Putin's fake: Russia is "at war with nationalists". Vladimir Putin: "The main battles of the Russian army, as expected, are not with regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but with nationalist formations.
Historical fact: All efforts to defend Ukraine against Russian invasion are coordinated by the country's General Staff, as evidenced not only by Kiev's statements, but also by numerous photo and video evidence. It is the regular units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that are conducting the main hostilities with the Russian military.
The commander-in-chief - Volodymyr Zelensky - claims to be in charge of all the country's defence processes. There is misinformation from Russian officials that Zelensky has left the capital, but he is in Kiev and regularly appears on Ukrainian TV channels and social media to talk to the people.

Putin's fake: "The Ukrainian people are being held hostage by the Kiev gang". "I appeal to members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Don't let the neo-Nazis and the Banderites use your children, your wives and the elderly as human shields. Take power into your own hands. It seems it will be easier for us to come to an agreement with you than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have settled in Kiev and taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage," asserts Putin.
Historical fact: Russia's president is practically calling for a coup d'état in Ukraine, whose troops are doing their bidding to defend the country. There are numerous statements from ordinary Ukrainians around the world that the Russian invasion has rallied society and forced it to forget all political differences for the moment. As much as they can, the civilian population - the very population that Putin believes has been "taken hostage" - has volunteered to help the Ukrainian troops. People transfer together hundreds of millions of dollars into specially opened accounts to help the Ukrainian army.

Putin is the spawn of the USSR, the successor of the Russian Empire. Putin is also willing to expand his lands by destroying peoples. But he will never be able to cover his horrible sins with his lies.


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