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Terrifying terror: Russian troops hit apartment building in Dnipro with supersonic missile

A missile launched from a Tu-95 carrier rocket from Russian territory has hit a residential building in Dnipro. An entire block of flats was destroyed.


The Russian terror in Ukraine continues. A heavy supersonic missile has hit a multi-storey building in Dnipro. About 1,700 people lived in the 16 entrances of the building destroyed by the Rascists. At the same time, there might have been 100-200 people in the destroyed 72 flats. Rescue workers, who continue to clear the rubble without stopping, are guided by these frightening figures. A huge number of civilians have joined them. As of the next day after the shelling, 46 people have been killed, of whom 1 child, more than 80 people and 13 children have been injured. All the injured are being provided with the necessary assistance.

The terrorists occupying the highest positions of power in the Russian Federation are in agony. Recall that Russia has replaced Surovikin, the commander of the "military operation" (who held the post for 2 months) with Gerasimov. After Surovikin's appointment, one of the heaviest shelling of Kiev took place on 10 October, 2022, with all Russian foul play cheering the suffering Ukrainians. As the occupier's army suffered the heaviest casualties from the orders of its commanders, a new commander was appointed. And immediately revealed himself in a terrorist attack in Dnipro. The names, positions and locations of those terrorists who pushed the button are known. 

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