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Consequences of Russian captivity

This article depicts Ukrainian soldiers who went through agony, hunger and torture in Russian captivity


Mykhailo Dianov, call sign "Mishanya" - Ukrainian serviceman, senior sergeant of the 36th Marine Brigade, defender of Mariupol.

Oleg Mudrak - defender of Mariupol - passed away. The hero spent 6 months in Russian captivity. Mudrak took part in the battles for Mariupol in 2014. After the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the hero defended Azovstal from Russian occupiers.

Yevhen Chudnetsov with the call sign "Chudik" - returned from Russian captivity for the second time. The first time he was captured by the Russians in 2014 as part of the Azov regiment. After his release in 2017, he resumed and returned to service in Azov. Caught a military man in captivity in May 2022 during the "evacuation" of the defenders of "Azovstal". It can be summarised that he was in the second captivity for almost a year.

Maxim Kolesnikov is a metropolitan marketer who joined the army while still in the ATO and served in the 26th Artillery Brigade.

Mykhailo Vershynin - Ukrainian policeman, entrepreneur, volunteer, Major of the National Police of Ukraine, participant of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Knight of the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky III degree (2022).

Dmytro Kozatskyy - Ukrainian photographer, serviceman, senior military man, fighter of the Azov Battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine. He was awarded the medal "For combat services to Ukraine".

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